Pre- Application / Development Team Consultation

What are development team consultations?

  • These meetings are designed to assist developers, residents and landowners in the pre-development stages of potential and proposed projects and those with questions relating to permitting processes, zoning compliance, engineering standards, and land use policy considerations. 
  • Meetings are available by appointment to anyone with a proposed development, large or small, residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial at any stage of the development
  • Note: These are informal meetings with staff intended for informational purposes and do not substitute any formal administrative reviews or required Board/Commission approvals

What are common topics discussed?

  • Zoning compliance questions 
  • Policies regarding landscaping, open space, lighting, buffers to abutting properties, etc.
  • Public safety provisions in site design such as Fire Department access to structures, fire hydrants, etc.
  • Stormwater management requirements, wetlands protection, and erosion controls
  • Proposed curb cuts, parking layout, vehicular and pedestrian circulation on a site. 
  • Sewer, water, and drain connections requirements. 
  • ADA compliance

When will the Development Team meet?

This team will typically meeting once a month on every third Wednesday of the month at 12PM for 30 minute time slots.  

Please sign up below to request a date and time

Reach out to or call 508-841-8512 for any questions on this new process! 

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