Department of Public Works Contests

  1. UNIPAY Enrollment Contest
  2. DPW Logo Contest

The Department of Public works is in the process of updating our records and needs your help!

By September 30th, 2021 complete, the following three steps and you will be entered into a drawing and could be one of 10 winners.  Two (2) grand prize winners will receive ten (10) rolls of large and ten (10) rolls of small PAY-T trash bags.  

In order to qualify, complete these three easy steps:

  1. Update/Confirm your Utility Account Contact Info
    1. Either complete the following form here, or
    2. Call Department of Public Works at 508-841-8502
  2. Sign up for SeeClickFix 
    1. By completing the enrollment Service Request found here
    2. The SeeClickFix mobile app is available for download on Android and iPhone
  3. Enroll in UNIPAY
    1. Open UNIPAY online portal here
    2. Select Water/Sewer
    3. Select 2020 Water/Sewer and follow the prompts
    4. For more information on UNIPay and online billing please visit the Treasurer/Collector's Page

All contestants will be entered into a lottery for ten (10) prizes.  Two (2) Grand Prize winners will receive 10 rolls of larger PAY-T bags and 10 rolls of small PAY-T bags.  A total value of $167.50.

 Runner-ups will be awarded as follows:

  • Two (2) winners                       8 Rolls Large PAY-T Bags, 8 Rolls Small PAY-T Bags
  • Two (2) winners                       6 Rolls Large PAY-T Bags, 6 Rolls Small PAY-T Bags
  • Two (2) winners                       4 Rolls Large PAY-T Bags, 4 Rolls Small PAY-T Bags
  • Two (2) winners                       2 Rolls Large PAY-T Bags, 2 Rolls Small PAY-T Bags

Prizes will be announced by October 15, 2021.

Full Contest Guidelines may be found here